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Dear Paul,

Hello! As it has been informed in this Newsletter, E-book of Aqua Journal in
English will start its subscription later this month. It may be exciting not
only to see beautiful suikei but also to read the texts, which was only
available in Japanese. Aqua Journal is the best source of information of Nature
Aquarium, and it provides the most useful technical tips for hobbyists at all
levels. We hope that the electronic format helps hobbyists who could not find
Aqua Journal in their market before can enjoy the journal and increase readers
worldwide. Subscription will soon to be started, so stay tuned for more updates!

[RELEASE] Aqua Journal vol.190 has been released!
– [EVENT] Takashi Amano’s Aquascaping Lecture in China!
– [PRODUCT] Garden Stand Rack stores your maintenance tools nice and clean!
– [FAQ] Here, we introduce tips and technical how-to about NA based on FAQs

——————————————————————————–[RELEASE] Aqua Journal vol.190 has been released!

Monthly Aqua Journal vol.190 features “A layout with the sense of water,”
introducing the techniques of expressing the presence of water and cool
impression. It also includes a report of Takashi Amano’s visit to the World
Natural Heritage site in Siberia and rich nature in Altai mountains in last
month. To get your personal copy or subscribe hard copy of Aqua Journal, please
contact your local distributor or visit our online store! If you are interested
in subscribing in electronic format, please stay tuned for further information.

For more information, please visit our website:

——————————————————————————–[EVENT] Takashi Amano’s Aquascaping Lecture in China!

ADA China distributor, Shanghai Huaqi Information Technology Co., Ltd. is
organizing the Takashi Amano’s lecture and layout making demonstration in
Nanjin, China on July 31st. This event takes place at Nanjing Dongjiao State
Guesthouse (http://www.njdongjiao.com/) where one can enjoy the beautiful view
of Nanjin. Limited seats are available, so if you would like to participate,
please visit their HP and find out more information.

Date: July 31st, 2011 9:30am – 5:30pm (with intermission)
Place: Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse  Juyuan Room

AM: Lecture
PM: Layout making demonstration with full ADA aquarium system (120cm), Q&A,
raffle, commemorative photo, party
Language: Chinese simultaneous interpretation
Participants: 150 (limited seats are available)
Commemorative gift: Special ADA product, T-shirts, ADA catalog (English),
ADA handbook (Chinese), electronic data of  the commemorative photo etc.

If you are interested, please visit following HP:

——————————————————————————–[PRODUCT] Garden Stand Rack stores your maintenance tools nice and clean!

Garden Stand Rack is the optional rack designed for Garden Stand. You can place
small CO2 cartridge bottle and liquid fertilizer here.

Color: Black, Gun Metallic
Garden Stand Size (cm): 45, 60, 75, 90

For more information, please visit our website:
(in English)
(in Chinese)

——————————————————————————–[FAQ] Here, we introduce tips and technical how-to about NA based on FAQs

Q) Could you tell me the timing of nutrient supplementation? Should I start
adding nutrients from the very initial set-up period of an aquarium?

A) Nowadays, Aqua Soil-Amazonia is mainly used for the substrate. It contains
rich nutrients, and the required nutrients for plants other than potassium are
supplied from the substrate. Therefore, no nutrient supplementation is
specifically needed from the initial set-up period to about the second
trimming. I think you should focus on the supplementing of potassium with
Brighty K for the first one month. Supplementing of trace elements with Green
Brighty STEP 1 is enough to be started only after that. If algae are observed
on aquatic plants, you should stop adding fertilizer other than Brighty K.


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