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Dear Paul,

Hello! Nature Aquarium party is planned on September 17th, and some of you may
have started to plan your participation. If you have never participated to the
party and are hesitating, the program is designed for both first time
participant and regular participants, and anyone can enjoy the event as long as
they have interest for Nature Aquarium. The participants from all over the world
share the same passion and are connected through Nature Aquarium. You may meet
many aquarists who you have seen their works on the IAPLC booklets. This year,
the schedule is a bit tight from the announcement of the IAPLC result, which is
the beginning of August, so it is recommended to start planning your visit in

– [RELEASE] Aqua Journal E-book subscription information!
– [UPDATE] Instruction manual download service has been started!
– [PRODUCT] NA Thermometer helps you to monitor the water temperature.
– [FAQ] Here, we introduce tips and technical how-to about NA based on FAQs

[RELEASE] Aqua Journal E-book subscription information!

E-book of Aqua Journal in English will start its subscription soon, and
followings are the subscription information including the price. With E-book,
you can read the most exciting articles and get latest news about Nature
Aquarium in English. Please stay tuned for the opening of the subscription.

Aqua Journal Digital
1 Year Digital Subscription: $36

For more information, please visit our website:

[UPDATE] Instruction manual download service has been started!

Latest instruction manuals for Nature Aquarium Goods and Do!aqua products can
be downloaded from our website now. When you need to get a latest manual, you
can go to the product section on ADA website and download it easily. Some
manuals are in several languages including German, French, Italian, Spanish,
Korean and Chinese. Please make a use of this download service and enjoy Nature

To download the instruction manual, please visit our website:

[PRODUCT] NA Thermometer helps you to monitor the water temperature
and aquarium condition.

NA Thermometer J is a thermometer designed for the Nature Aquarium. There are
White and Clear types available, and both designs match with various types of
frame-less tanks like Cube Garden. It can be easily installed on the edge of
aquarium without using suction cup. Monitoring the temperature is the basic of
keeping an aquarium, and it helps you to maintain a beautiful aquascape, even
in the summer. Please select the size in accordance with the glass thickness of
your aquarium.

For more information, please visit our website:
(in English)
(in Chinese)

[FAQ] Here, we introduce tips and technical how-to about NA based on FAQs

Q) In my aquarium, I sometimes find dead Cardina japonica in the morning.
What do you think is the cause?

A) Lack of oxygen is suspected unless that particular Cardina japonica was weak.
Aquatic plants perform photosynthesis during the day in the presence of light
and CO2, and respire during the night without carrying out any photosynthesis.
Haven’t you ever observed slightly clouded tank water or fast-moving gills of
fish in the morning? These symptoms are seen more frequently on a tank with
densely grown aquatic plants, and you need to pay extra attention if a large
amount of stem plants has grown all over the tank. You are advised to do
aeration using Lily Pipe or an air pump after turning off the aquarium
lighting. In addition, a decline in dissolved oxygen level during the night
leads to a shortage of oxygen in the filter and affects the microbiota. This
may create problems of imbalanced aquariums, which may cause algae to bloom.


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