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Dear Paul,

Hello! The IAPLC result has been announced, and just like every other year, we
receive some happy voices and some disappointments. Whether your result was
satisfying one or not, it is great to share your passion and talent with other
hobbyists and create the history of Nature Aquarium.

– [IAPLC] IAPLC 2011 result IS NOW AVAILABLE on the IAPLC website.
– [EVENT] Takashi Amano’s Aquascaping Lecture in China!
– [PRODUCT] Various filter media supports your filter system!
– [FAQ] Here, we introduce tips and technical how-to about NA based on FAQs

[IAPLC] IAPLC 2011 result IS NOW AVAILABLE on the IAPLC website.

The result of the IAPLC 2011 has been announced on the IAPLC website! Please
visit the website and find out your ranking. Its awarding ceremony will be held
as the main event of the Nature Aquarium Party at Tokyo International Forum on
September 17th. Winning works will be rolled out for the first time during this
event. If you are interested, please apply now from our website. We look forward
to seeing you at the party!

IAPLC result:

NA Party Online Application:

[EVENT] Takashi Amano’s Aquascaping Lecture in China!

Takashi Amano’s lecture in China is finally coming up this weekend, July 31st.
This event takes place at Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse
(http://www.njdongjiao.com/), Nanjing, China where one can enjoy the beautiful
view of Nanjin. Seats are getting to be sold out, so if you would like to
participate, please visit their HP and find out more information. Amano looks
forward to seeing you at the event!

Date: July 31st, 2011 9:30am – 5:30pm (with intermission)
Place: Nanjing Dongjiao State Guesthouse Juyuan Room

AM: Lecture
PM: Layout making demonstration with full ADA aquarium system (120cm), Q&A,
raffle, commemorative photo, party
Language: Chinese simultaneous interpretation
Participants: 150 (limited seats are available)
Commemorative gift: Special ADA product, T-shirts, ADA catalog (English),
ADA handbook (Chinese), electronic data of  the commemorative photo etc.

E-mail: 514370439@QQ.COM
Tel: 86-25-84678168

If you are interested, please visit following HP:

[PRODUCT] Various filter media supports your filter system!

Filter system is one of the most important things to maintain a beautiful layout
for a long period of time. There are varieties of filtration media available for
ADA’s filter system. Each one of them has a different effect, and it is
important to choose one according to your needs. Their effects and system
examples are introduced in our website and product catalog.

For more information, please visit our website:
(in English)
(in Chinese)

[FAQ] Here, we introduce tips and technical how-to about NA based on FAQs

Q) Could you give me some know-how on how to make an aquatic plant layout be at
its optimal condition at a specific time?

A) The biggest problem is the difference in the growing rates of aquatic plants.
Without even mentioning foreground plants and ferns, the growing rate varies
even among stem plant species. The most important thing is to identify the most
slow-growing plants and carry out trimming according to the growing speed of
such slow-growing plants identified. Avoid trimming all the plants to the same
height but remember to trim fast-growing plants shorter and slow-growing ones
longer. By trimming in this fashion, all the plants will eventually grow to the
same height. You need a certain amount of experience to acquire the technique
to calculate the remaining time and adjust the trimming level accordingly, but
this is an essential skill for professionals. Even in contests, I often see
some works which have a problem with imbalanced plant heights.


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