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Dear Paul,

### TOPICS ###

[PARTY] Application deadline is coming up for the Nature Aquarium Party 2011!
[RELEASE] New line-up for the Parts Set, “Clear Parts Set” has been released!
[RENEWAL] Fish Food AP series will be renewed with simple packaging.
[TIPS] Here, we introduce tips and technical how-to about NA based on FAQs.

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——————————————————————————–[PARTY] Application deadline is coming up for the Nature Aquarium Party 2011!

Nature Aquarium Party 2011 has been attracting participants from around the
world, and its application deadline is coming up on August 31st. If you are
interested in participating, please visit the IAPLC website and complete your
application. The major features of the event are the roll-out and awarding
ceremony of the IAPLC2011, but it also contains a lot of exciting features.
One of them is the Takashi Amano’s layout seminar, in which you can have his
comment and improving points on your IAPLC submission, and there will be
simultaneous translation in English and Chinese. You can see the movie of
Takashi Amano’s lecture taken place at NA party 2010 from below website. We will
be looking forward to seeing you at the party!

Takashi Amano’s seminar at NA party 2010:

For party application, please visit the IAPLC HP:

——————————————————————————–[RELEASE] New line-up for the Parts Set, “Clear Parts Set” has been released!

“Clear Parts Set,” which is the clear transparent type of Parts Set has been
released. The contents of the set are same as Gray Parts Set providing necessary
items for connecting and installing glass-made equipment. It is recommended to
replace Suction cups and Check valve approximately once a year as the suction
capability of Suction cups decrease with time, and Check valve degrade with age
and triggers counter flow to EL Valve and CO2 regulator, causing the breakage.
In accodance with to the release of Clear Parts Set, CO2 System Rubber Parts
(101-501) will be discontinued.

Contents: Suction cup Dim. 30 x 2, Suction cup Dim. 18 x 4, Check valve

101-507 Clear Parts Set

For more information, please visit our HP:

——————————————————————————–[RENEWAL] Fish Food AP series will be renewed with simple packaging.

Packages of Fish Food AP series and AP-GOLD series will be renewed with simple
packaging. It will be packaged in the plastic container without the carton box.
Please try our high quality fish food for growing healthy and
beautiful fish!

107-001 Fish Food AP-1 (15g)
107-002 Fish Food AP-1 (70g)
107-003 Fish Food AP-1 (300g)
107-011 Fish Food AP-2 (15g)
107-012 Fish Food AP-2 (70g)
107-013 Fish Food AP-2 (300g)
107-022 Fish Food AP-3 (70g)
107-023 Fish Food AP-3 (300g)
107-101 Fish Food AP-1 GOLD (25g)
107-111 Fish Food AP-2 GOLD (25g)
107-121 Fish Food AP-3 GOLD (25g)

For more information, please visit our HP:

——————————————————————————–[TIPS] Here, we introduce tips and technical how-to about NA based on FAQs.

Q) I am wondering if I should get Power Sand or Power Sand Special. Are all the
benefits of Power Sand covered by Power Sand Special? Do I still need to use
Bacter 100 even if I use Power Sand Special?

A) Power Sand Special is the substrate material based on Power Sand with
additional organic nutrients. It is excellent for plants actively absorbing
nutrients from the roots, such as Echinodorus and Cryptocoryne, and Bacter 100
and Clear Super are blended for promoting the growth of bacteria. Therefore,
the benefits of Power Sand are all covered by Power Sand Special and you do not
need to use additives such as Bacter 100 and Clear Super if you wish to set up
an aquarium in the easiest way possible. However, substrate additives such as
Bacter 100, Clear Super, Tourmaline BC, PENAC W and PENAC P can be added only
during the initial set-up of the substrate. If you wish to create the best
substrate environment possible, these additives are highly recommended.
Bacter 100 and Clear Super will not affect the aquarium condition even if an
excessive amount is supplied. Rather, higher effects can be expected if extra
additive is added. For your information, Power Sand Special is remarkably rich
in nutrients and it may easily cause the eutrophication of aquarium water
during the initial set-up. In view of this, such substrate material is suitable
for experienced aquarists who can ensure the proper management of water quality
including water change. Your experience and expertise in water quality
management also should be taken into account when you select the best substrate
material for your purposes.

More Q&A can be found in the Aqua Journal Digital Edition:

_/_/_/ Editor’s note _/_/_/

Takashi Amano is a well known photographer, and he organizes photo competitions
of natural landscape among ADA staff twice a year. He believes that through
taking photographs of natural landscapes, we can learn a lot of things, and it
sharpens our sensitivity. If you are looking for a inspiration for new layout,
how about taking a camera with you and go into the field of nature on your


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