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Dear Paul,

### TOPICS ###

[EVENT] Takashi Amano’s lecture in Germany on January 28, 2012![IAPLC] IAPLC 2012 Posters and Flyers have been released![PRODUCT] ADA’s original oil film remover, VUPPA-I[KNOW-HOW] Here, we introduce tips and technical how-to about NA based on FAQs.

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——————————————————————————–[EVENT] Takashi Amano’s lecture in Germany on January 28, 2012!

On January 28 2012, Takashi Amano, the master of the Nature Aquarium, comes to
the “The Art of the planted Aquarium”, which takes place an aquascape
competition and ceremony award to Hanover. Amano will set up a Nature Aquarium
right in front of you and make a presentation about his expeditions to the
remote outback and nature which is the source of his inspiration for layouts.
Also some events, such as layout competition and ceremony will take place in
the event. Would you be interested in coming to the event with your freinds?

DATE: January 28, 2012
11:00 Mr. Amano Lecture Part I
16:00 Mr. Amano Lecture Part II (Live Workshop)
PLACE: Hannover, Germany
Hotel Europa Hannover
BergstraBe 2 / Ecke Wulferoder StraBe
30539 Hannover

For more information, please visit our website:

——————————————————————————–[IAPLC] IAPLC 2012 Posters and Flyers have been released!

IAPLC 2012’s poster and flyers have been released and started to be distributed
at ADA retailers. It may take a while to be distributed around the world, but
it will soon arrive to your city. In 2012, the IAPLC introduce a new judging
system to reflect more views of contestants, and the final world ranking will be
decided by the sum of contest juries’ points and contestants/Nature Aquarium
Party participants. The details of the judging method will be introduced on the
IAPLC website which will be released soon. If you would like to take a part of
this exciting event, everything will start from your application to the contest!

IAPLC 2012 Link Banners for your blog and web site:

——————————————————————————–[PRODUCT] ADA’s original oil film remover, VUPPA-I

Oil, organic matter, or dust sometimes forms a thin film on the surface of an
aquarium. Having such oil film on the water surface spoils the allurement of an
aquascape. VUPPA-I developed with ADA’s original structure eliminates such film
effectively. And all hand-crafted stainless body does not spoil the appearance
of the aquarium. It can be installed to the frame-less tanks with thickness
from 4~15mm, and it produces excellent oil-removing performance from small to
large tanks.

105-801  VUPPA-I
*It is designed based on the Japanese electrical standard with 100VAC input.

For more information, please visit our website:

——————————————————————————–[KNOW-HOW] Here, we introduce tips and technical how-to about NA based on FAQs.

Q) I’m using four NA Lamps for my 60cm aquarium. I sometimes see in shops that
one of the fluorescent lamps used for aquariums with aquatic plant layouts is a
red fluorescent lamp and it is situated at the front side of the aquarium. Will
this enhance the natural feel of the layout? Should I use a red fluorescent lamp?

A) You may feel that reddish aquatic plants look more attractive under a red
fluorescent lamp, but it is merely a color rendering effect produced by the
fluorescent lamp. When focusing on a natural feel, the healthy growth of aquatic
plants, regardless of species, is a matter of critical importance. To make the
red color of reddish aquatic plants appear more attractive, do not rely on the
color rendering effect of the fluorescent lamp but focus on enhancement of leaf
color by supplementing with iron using a nutrient such as ECA. The ultimate
natural look should be obtained by precisely reproducing the leaf color of
healthily grown plants and the fluorescent lamps used in aquatic plant layouts
are expected to bring this out. For this reason, there will be no problem if
only NA Lamps are used. Rather, this arrangement can make growing aquatic plants
look more natural than introducing a red fluorescent lamp among ordinary
fluorescent lamps. The NA Lamp is the first fluorescent lamp designed
exclusively for aquatic plant growth and has excellent plant growing as well as
color rendering effects.

_/_/_/ Editor’s note _/_/_/

Did you have the chance to watch Takashi Amano’s layout making on internet
broadcasting few weeks ago? ADA is now showing the technical know-how and
introducing our products on ADA View. New videos are released weekly and
we have live broadcast time to time. If you are interested, please subscribe
it on Youtube!


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