Er staat weer een nieuwe video online waarin Takashi Amano laat zien hoe je een 90cm aquarium kan scapen.

This is a layout of a W90xD45xH45cm tank made in Feb. 21st 2012.
The driftwood used in this layout was chosen “ugly shape” on purpose.
The point of this layout is the technique with connecting broken driftwoods with Wood Tight, and hiding the connection point by covering with Willow Moss.

List of plants and Wabi-kusa used in this layout:

Wabi-Kusa Hemianthus callitrichoides “Cuba”
Wabi-Kusa Stem plant mix
Cryptocoryne wendtii (Green)
Cryptocoryne wendtii (Brown)
Cryptocoryne petchii
Lilaeopsis novae-zeandiae
Bolbitis heudelotii
Anubias barteri var.nana “Petit”
Microsorium sp. (Semi Narrow)
Eleocharis vivipara
Fontinalis antipyretica
Riccia fluitans

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equipments and layout materials used in this layout.