Opnieuw een mooie video van Takashi Amano die een aquarium van 180cm aan het scapen is.

Here we introduce a 180x60x60cm aquarium layout, produced on 22 February, 2012.
It was mainly consisted with rock arrangement and Wabi-kusa.
The layout production process is broadcasted.

This Iwagumi layout was created on September, 2011. We kept the stone untouched, and rearranged the plant in this aquarium. Wabi-kusa were placed in the slopes where the soils are easy to crumble with normal planting way, or the place with thin layer of substrate where the normal plants cannot spread their roots. Unreleased Wabi-kusa Utricularia graminifolia was introduced for the first time. The growing progress after the production of layout is going to be introduced on ADA VIEW Vol. 147.

■List of plants and Wabi-kusa used in this layout:

・Riccia fluitans
・Glossostigma elatinoides
・Wabi-Kusa Utricularia reticulata (Sample item)
・Eleocharis acicularis

Please visit our website for the equipments and layout materials used in this layout.