Een mooie en duidelijke video die laat zien hoe een bak in stappen wordt opgebouwd. In dit geval was het extra lastig omdat deze bak vanaf elke zijde te bekijken is. Voor meer info zie: This 150 x 150 x 75 cm Nature Aquarium by famous aquascaper James Findley is growing in beautifully – it is definitely one of the most stunning works we have ever had on display. Call in store to see it, or watch this space for more coverage.

Of course, nothing comes close to seeing it for yourself, but because we know that not everyone can travel to see us regularly, we will be releasing more images of this beautiful Nature Aquarium as it progresses.

Many thanks to James Findley, the creator of Nature’s Chaos and founder of The Green Machine – the aquascape is a true testament to his skill and artistic ability.

You can see more of James’ iconic work in our Aquatics Gallery.