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Dear Paul,

### TOPICS ###

[NA Party] Nature Aquarium Party Live Video will be webcast on USTREAM.[Broadcast] TV program on Takashi Amano and ADA will be on air in Asian countries.[New Release] Aqua Journal Vol.205 (October issue) will be released.

——————————————————————————–[NA Party] Nature Aquarium Party Live Video will be webcast on USTREAM.

ADA’s annual event, Nature Aquarium Party, where planted aquarium hobbyists
gather from all over the world, will be held on Saturday, October 27 at the
Tokyo International Forum. This year, the final world ranking will be decided
by the sum of points from contest juries and party participants.

You can’t come and join us at the party, this year? The real-time video at the
party will be brought to you on USTREAM, and you can share the excitement of the
event with us and our fellow hobbyists!

Nature Aquarium Party 2012 Live on USTREAM
Saturday, October 27   13:30- (Japan Time)

*USTREAM channel will be announced on ADA website.
*Please note: Start time of the live streaming video is subject to change
without notice.

——————————————————————————–[Broadcast] TV program on Takashi Amano and ADA will be on air in Asian countries.

A documentary program featuring Takashi Amano and his involvement in a wide
range of professional activities will be broadcast on TV in Asian countries
(available in English), and it will also become web broadcast on USTREAM.
This TV program, “Yumeno Tobira +”, was originally shown nationwide in Japan,
last June.

You can watch the program trailer in Japanese on Youtube:

CNBC Asia (Business television channel in Asia, covering Southeast and East
Asian countries)
Sunday, October 28   9:00- / 18:00- (Singapore & Hong Kong Time)
*Will be broadcast twice in the same day.

CNBC TV18 (Business news television channel in India)
Sunday, October 28   14:00- (New Delhi Time)

UNIQUE BROADCASTING (Business news television channel in Taiwan)
Monday, October 29   17:00- (Taiwan Time)
Sunday, November 4   15:00- (Taiwan Time)
*Will be broadcast twice in different days on “News Channel”

USTREAM / Channel Japan
Tuesday, October 30  10:00- (Japan Time)

Please note: the above schedule is subject to change without notice.

——————————————————————————–[New Release] Aqua Journal Vol.205 (October issue) will be released.

“The Layout Training Program”
In this issue, ADA opens a special layout making class ? the layout training
program. The goal of the class is to encourage the student – you, to acquire a
greater understanding of Nature Aquarium and fully appreciate the joy of
planted aquarium layout making. The first half of the program devotes to explain
each aspect of planted aquarium, such as CO2 supply, lighting, filtration and
other important elements. Then, we move to study several practical techniques of
layout making and how to apply the idea, “To learn from Nature”, which composes
the basic principle of Nature Aquarium. If you want to start learning about
layout making from basics, this issue is your ideal textbook!
Inside the issue, you will also find the latest information of ADA’s brand-new
products to be released in this coming fall.

*Aqua Journal Print Edition is available only in Japanese.
To place an order for your personal copy, please go to:

AQUA JOURNAL Digital Edition
~Your Information Source of Nature Aquarium

[ADA view] Broadcasting from ADA
~Information communication for Nature Aquarium

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