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Dear Paul,

### TOPICS ###

[ADA VIEW] New episodes are now online “How to use FOOD GLASS”[ADA Deutschland] ADA Live Aquascaping, live demonstration of aquarium layout
production[ADA POLAND] Hardscape Day Live[NEW distributor appointment in Croatia]

——————————————————————————–[ADA VIEW] New episodes are now online “How to use FOOD GLASS”

Do!aqua FOOD GLASS is a glass-made feeder, developed specifically for flake food
such as Do!aqua Fish Food Series. It allows you to dispense fish food without
touching them. New episode of ADA VIEW introduces Do!aqua Fish Food Tropical MIX
and loading process of fish food in the FOOD GLASS. It is hygienic way of
feeding the fish without touching the food directly, and Food Glass is
freestanding in upright position and stored safely in the aquarium cabinet or
Maintenance Stand.

We also uploaded the latest Nature Aquarium Gallery layout video.
So please check it out!

——————————————————————————–[ADA Deutschland] ADA Live Aquascaping, live demonstration of aquarium layout

Aqua Design Amano Deutschland GmbH, German distributor of ADA Nature Aquarium
Goods is scheduling to organize planted aquarium seminars by having Mr. Adrie
Baumann as a lecturer. Mr. Baumann is a well know German aquascaper, and his
planted aquarium layouts were highly evaluated in the Art of the Planted
Aquarium aquascaping contest. ADA Deutschland will have two seminars in the
following schedule. In March 9 event, Mr. Baumann will set up a 300cm aquarium
layout in a day, and he will fully explain every production step.

March 9, 2013   ADA Live Aquascaping with World Master Adrie Baumann
Place: Aqua Studio Bad Oeynhausen.
Time: 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (C.E.T.)

March 16, 2013 ADA Live Aquascaping with World Master Adrie Baumann
Place: Heg Pet-Markt  (Hannover)
Time: 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. (C.E.T.)

For details of the event, please visit Aqua Design Amano Deutschland webpage
and facebook page.

——————————————————————————–[ADA POLAND] Hardscape Day Live

Aquatic Plants Studio (Pracownia Ro?lin Wodnych) will organize an unique event,
introducing the way of making a nice layout composition, using ADA original
layout materials such as “Horn Wood”, “Manten Stone” and “Ryuoh Stone,” in a
collaboration with AQUARIUS & AQUADAM, Polish distributor of ADA Nature Aquarium
Goods at newly opened ADA Poland headquarter on March 2nd. This event will be
live broadcasted worldwide through USTREAM. Mr. Krzystof Kostek, Mr. Radaslaw
Baszak and Mr. Adam Paszczela will introduce the way of composing nice planted
aquarium layout in a variety of styles such as Iwagumi or Ryuboku.

March 2nd Hardscape Day Live
Place: ADA Poland
Time: 10:00 a.m. (C.E.T.)

For details of the event, please visit following site.

——————————————————————————–[NEW distributor appointment in Croatia] ——————————————————————————–

Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of new
distributor in Croatia, Rogolist-Blagovic k.d. (“Rogolist”, Managing Director:
Zeljko Blagovic, Karlovac, Croatia)
Rogolist will start distribution of ADA Nature Aquarium Goods, and Do!aqua
products to the countries of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro,
Slovenia and Serbia from April, 2013. Rogolist k.d. also has plans to open a
Nature Aquarium Gallery, a main store, exhibiting the whole ADA product lineup,
in central Croatia in the near future. The actual marketing through Rogolist
k.d. has started, and they are now accepting applications for interested parties
to become an ADA Authorized Retailer.

This appointment makes it possible to supply ADA Nature Aquarium Goods, and
Do!aqua products more widely in above mentioned countries. For product
inquiries, please make a contact with Rogolist k.d.

Rogolist-Blagovic k.d
Marina Drzica 3,
47000 Karlovac, CROATIA

Phone +385 92 191 0249
Email: info@rogolist.net
Facebok: http://www.facebook.com/adarogolist

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