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[New Release] ADA’s New Maintenance Tools – 2013 edition[New Release] Online Product Catalog (Japanese) released, TODAY.[World News] The Latest News from ADA Distributors.

——————————————————————————–[New Release] ADA’s New Maintenance Tools – 2013 edition

ADA Pro-tool series have a great reputation for a good reason.  They stand for
quality and excellence that approved among the aquarium professionals and
hobbyists.  Now, the new tool models including the Pro- tool series to be
available in your local ADA registered stores, soon.  ADA will renew the tool
design every year, and the 2013 edition tools have a fun geometric ADA logo
design. They, of course, have high functionality and sleek profiles same as the
previous models.

To check out the 2013 model design, please go to our new digital product catalog

ADA Overseas distributors and registered retailers:

——————————————————————————–[New Release] Online Product Catalog (Japanese) released, TODAY.

ADA’s new digital catalog completely covers Nature Aquarium Goods and Do! Aqua
products, including newly released AQUASKY series, Super Jet Filter ES-300 and
the 2013 model year tools.  Product information and images of new products will
be uploaded to the catalog as they are introduced to the market.  We will keep
you updated on the latest product lineups through this weekly newsletter and
the new digital catalog.

ADA online catalog is available in PDF and eBook formats through ADA’s
official website.  We will also release it in the formats which are compatible
with Android and iOS.  The online catalog is in Japanese, but English and
Chinese editions are coming up, soon!  We will post an announcement in this
newsletter when they are ready.

ADA Online Product Catalog (Japanese):

——————————————————————————–[World News] The Latest News from ADA Distributors.

From Poland (AQUARIUS & AQUADAM): Hardscape Day Live!

ADA Poland is going to present a live event, “Hardscape Day”, in their
headquarters / gallery, this coming Saturday on March 2.  One of the amazing
aspects of Nature Aquarium is the layout materials such as driftwood and stones
which give the layout a distinctive characteristic with their unique textures
and shapes.  You can create a variety of different types of layout compositions
depending on the arrangement of driftwood and stones.  But, do you know how
much layout materials you would need for arranging a nice planted aquarium
“Hardscape Day” will teach you the idea of what the adequate amount of layout
materials should be and how to estimate it before purchasing too many stones or
other materials.  The professional aquascapers will create a variety of layout
styles, such as Iwagumi and Ryuboku layouts, in a classic size ADA Cube Garden.

The layouts will be posted in the blog after transmission:

and Ebay auctions:

A live streaming video of “Harscape Day” will be released on Ustream channel
“Hardscape Day Live” from 10:00am, March 2:

——————————————————————————–[World News] The Latest News from ADA Distributors.

From Italy (ADA ITALY COMPANY srl): Nature Aquarium Seminar on March 10

ADA Italy will organize a planted aquarium layout seminar inside an aquarium
store, MOBELLI ACQUAR at Via Rudiano 1 Chiari (Brescia).  The seminar will
start at 15:30 on March 10.
An acclaimed aquascaper will create a Ryuboku style layout in a 120cm aquarium
in a hands-on approach and give you tips and hints for successful layout
arrangement.  You can lean proper layout techniques and the use of a variety of
ADA products through the live experience!
Everyone willing to learn more about Nature Aquarium is welcome!

For additional information, please contact ADA Italy:

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