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Dear Paul,

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[New Release] ADA Online Product Catalog (English) to be released, TODAY.[ADA View] Follow-up video series will be back on May 6![NA Gallery] Gallery Opening Schedule in April and May

——————————————————————————–[New Release] ADA Online Product Catalog (English) to be released, TODAY.

ADA’s digital catalog completely covers Nature Aquarium Goods and Do! Aqua
products, including newly released AQUASKY series, Super Jet Filter ES-300 and
the 2013 model year tools.  Product information and images of new products will
be uploaded to the catalog as they are introduced to the market.  We will keep
you updated on the latest product lineups through this weekly newsletter and
the new digital catalog.

ADA online catalog is available in PDF and eBook formats through ADA’s official
website.  You can also check out the catalog by downloading the application to
your iPad. Jumping back and forth between the pages becomes incredibly easy, and
it also provides product videos.  What’s more is that we will add supplemental
volumes, such as Nature Aquarium concept booklet, product pamphlet etc., to the
iPad and Android application.  ADA will also release the online catalog in the
format compatible with Android and iOS.  Now, English and Japanese editions are
available, and Chinese edition is coming up, soon!

ADA Online Product Catalog (English):

——————————————————————————–[ADA View] Follow-up video series will be back on May 6!

ADA is now conducting a large scale pruning and rearrangement of planted
aquarium layouts in the Nature Aquarium Gallery for Japanese “Golden Week”
holidays in early May. Due to this arrangement, we will stop providing new
“follow-up videos” filming planted aquarium layouts in the gallery until
May 6, 2013.


Please come visit the NA Gallery during the Golden Week and check out newly
rearranged layouts!


——————————————————————————–[NA Gallery] Gallery Opening Schedule in April & the holiday season

Japanese “Golden Week” holidays are around the corner!  The Nature Aquarium
Gallery will be open in the national holidays and Sundays during the Golden
Week.  As we mentioned several times in this weekly newsletter, all displayed
planted aquariums have been going through a large rearrangement process for the
holiday season.  A new 180cm layout aquarium was created, and it’s on display
now in the gallery.  Please check the gallery schedule on our website before
planning your trip:

Nature Aquarium Gallery will be OPEN in the following days
(Opening hours: 10:00 – 17:00):

[April 2013] Sunday, April 21
Sunday, April 28
Monday, April 29

[May 2013] Friday, May 3
Saturday, May 4
Sunday, May 5
Monday, May 6

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