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[IAPLC2013] Deadline for contest entry is approaching; 14 days to go![ADA View] First anniversary for the world’s largest Nature Aquarium layouts.[Know-How] An advice for better CO2 dissolution in aquarium water.[NA Gallery] Temporary closing of the Nature Aquarium Gallery

——————————————————————————–[IAPLC2013] Deadline for contest entry is approaching; 14 days to go!

APLC has become one of the largest, and definitely, most prestigious planted
aquarium layout contests in the world.  We’re very excited to organize its 13th
contest, this year.  The closing date for all contest entries is approaching;
it’s on May 31, 2013 (JST)!!
Our online application process is very simple, as easy as 1, 2, 3!  If you
haven’t submitted your application, please go to IAPLC official website and
start the process with registering your e-mail address.

Your entry encourages and inspires the local aquarists to participate to IAPLC,
and greatly helps us to promote the contest in your country.  It’s one of
the contest’s missions to introduce a variety of planted aquarium layouts in
different styles and techniques, which are unique to each country and area,
to the world of aquarium hobby

We look forward to YOUR entry, this year!

——————————————————————————–[ADA View] First anniversary for the world’s largest Nature Aquarium layouts.

The Sumida Aquarium, located inside the Tokyo Sky Tree Town, will have its first
anniversary on May 22.  Since its grand opening, ADA’s 4m- and 7m-Nature
Aquarium layouts have been welcoming all the aquarium fans and visitors into
the building.  The creation of the world’s largest Nature Aquarium layouts was
perceived as sensational news in the aquarium industry because nobody had ever
tried before.  These two “living aquascapes”, established with well-functioning
ecosystem, are now the main attractions of the aquarium.

We’d like to celebrate the first anniversary of their creation, and take a look
back their transformation in the past year.  A series of video clips featuring
the creation process of the layouts and follow-up videos are available on
ADA View!

– Takashi Amano x Sumida Aquarium vol.1:
– Takashi Amano x Sumida Aquarium vol.2:
– Takashi Amano x Sumida Aquarium vol.3:
– Takashi Amano x Sumida Aquarium final episode:

– Sumida Aquarium
the challenge of managing the world’s largest Nature Aquarium:

——————————————————————————–[Know-How] An advice for better CO2 dissolution in aquarium water.

The bubbles of injected CO2 usually go up towards the water surface. However,
I can see these bubbles circulating throughout the aquarium if water flow is
injected towards them. Could you tell me which leads to better dissolution of
CO2 in water?

Tiny CO2 bubbles from Pollen Glass gradually dissolve in water while they are
floating towards the water surface. If you closely look at CO2 bubbles near the
water surface, you can find that they have become smaller as a result of
dissolution. As for water injection, the CO2 bubbles can dissolve more in water
if they float longer in the injected water flow. In view of this, injecting
water towards CO2 bubbles can be construed as an innovative idea for efficient
CO2 injection. For your information, Pollen Glass is designed to provide an
adequate CO2 diffusion efficiency if it is installed at the middle level of the
tank height, the optimal, balanced position, and the CO2 injection amount is

——————————————————————————–[NA Gallery] Temporary closing of the Nature Aquarium Gallery

The Nature Aquarium Gallery will be closed from May 19 (SUN) for a large scale
rearrangement of planted aquarium layouts currently displayed in the gallery.
We may change gallery opening schedule even for the following Sundays in May.
Please make sure to confirm the latest information on our web site before the
Look out for our newly rearranged & replanted aquariums!!

Nature Aquarium Gallery Information page:

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