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[New Product] AQUASKY301 HIGH TYPE to be released in June![New Release] Aqua Journal vol. 213 is on sale now.[ADA View] The Best Holiday Vol.1 Penguin Village Yurakucho Store[NA Gallery] Temporary closing of the Nature Aquarium Gallery

——————————————————————————–[New Product] AQUASKY301 HIGH TYPE to be released in June!

AQUASKY 301 HIGH TYPE is a lighting system with LED lighting unit attached at a
higher position than ordinary types of AQUASKY.  With LED lighting unit that can
be turned on about 20cm above the aquarium, it won’t disturb growing emersed
leaves of aquatic plants, and you will have an enough space when working on the
This lighting system is suitable for small-sized aquariums or cultivation of
emersed Wabi-kusa in Waterfall. The simple and sleek stand made of stainless
steel wires will not undermine the appearance of your aquarium and interior.

A new video clip featuring AQUASKY301 HIGH TYPE is now on ADA View:

——————————————————————————–[New Release] Aqua Journal vol. 213 is on sale now.

“Here comes the season of Wabi-kusa!”
As summer begins, Wabi-kusa are easily grown in a wide array of Plant Glass.
In the latest issue of Aqua Journal, we talk about a variety of ways to enjoy
Wabi-kusa in this season.  ADA is going to launch a series of products, which
help you start up a Wabi-kusa layout with no worry.  The article also gives a
walkthrough of the products – a ready to setup kit of Wabi-kusa aquarium, easy
to use Wabi-kusa Hanger, AQUASKY301 HIGH TYPE, Waterfall W30xD30xH30(cm) and
so on.

“Refine your sense of layout”
The second part of the journal focuses on the origin of the creation of Nature
Aquarium.  Takashi Amano captures the moments of rich natural landscapes, and
those graceful images are presented in some of his great aquarium layout works.
His hometown, Niigata, and her precious natural landscapes have cultivated and
inspired Amano’s creativity.
The article, including the latest interview with Takashi Amano talking about
his career path in relation to his relationship with nature and about feature
development of his creative activities, may change your way of perceiving
nature and ideas toward planted aquarium layout making.  The deeper you
understand nature, the more you can enjoy Nature Aquarium.

*Aqua Journal Print Edition is available only in Japanese.
To place an order for your personal copy, please go to:

——————————————————————————–[ADA View] The Best Holiday Vol.1 Penguin Village Yurakucho Store

It’s a Holiday! Let’s Visit Aquarium Shops!
ADA View’s new special feature “The Best Holiday” takes you to ADA’s appointed
retail stores offering a wide range of ADA products and Wabi-kusa.
In this first video of the series, we proudly introduce you to Penguin Village
Yurakucho Store which is like an oasis in the metropolitan Tokyo.
Why don’t you visit great aquarium shops on your next holiday?

ADA View “The Best Holiday Vol.1 Penguin Village Yurakucho Store” (English):

——————————————————————————–[NA Gallery] Temporary closing of the Nature Aquarium Gallery

The Nature Aquarium Gallery will be closed on June 9 (SUN) for a large scale
rearrangement of planted aquarium layouts currently displayed in the gallery.
We may change gallery opening schedule even for the following Sundays in June.
Please make sure to confirm the latest information on our web site before the
Look out for our newly rearranged & replanted aquariums!!
Nature Aquarium Gallery Information page:

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