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Dear Paul,

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[New Product] The New Layout Material Koke-Stone[ADA View] The Best Holiday Vol.3[NA Gallery] The Gallery Reopens Next Month

——————————————————————————–[New Product] The New Layout Material Koke-Stone

We have started shipping our latest layout material, Koke-Stone. Koke-Stone is
volcanic stone with angled corners and a rough surface; a perfect complexion
for mosses such as Willow Moss to take root.
For this reason, this is an ideal stone to make an expression of “Wabi-Sabi.”
You can also use Koke-Stone without moss and enjoy its particularly rough
texture. One box has a variety of sizes, so you can pick out the rocks you like
at an ADA dealer and try them in your own layouts.


——————————————————————————–[ADA View] The Best Holiday Vol.3

In “The Best Holiday” we introduce to you in a video a specialty store in that
sells a full line of ADA products and Wabi-kusa. In Vol. 3, we visit a store in
the district of Shinjuku, called Aqua Forest. This shop, in the center of
shopping and entertainment in all of Tokyo, in addition to the ADA products and
aquatic plants, they have a full display of aquatic layouts on exhibit. Have a
look for yourself at the aquascapers’ layouts, who have been highly evaluated
in the International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest at this splendid shop.
You can enjoy watching the video now in Japanese from the link below.

Look forward to the video in subtitles next week!

——————————————————————————–[NA Gallery] The Gallery Reopens Next Month

In May, we closed the doors to our Nature Aquarium Gallery for a rearrangement
of our aquariums. We are happy to announce that our Gallery will reopen for all
to see on the 4th of August. If you are in Japan and would like to stop by for
a visit, have a look at our website to see updated information regarding how to
find your way to the Gallery. We have over 40 aquariums on display for you to
see and we welcome you to the Nature Aquarium Gallery!

Nature Aquarium Gallery Information page:

_/_/_/ Voice of ADA _/_/_/
There are a lot of new things happening around ADA this summer. We have made
some improvements to the Nature Aquarium Gallery to make your visit more
enjoyable, but there are other changes happening around the company as well.
There are some new trees being planted in the ADA Forest which will help
complete the scenery around headquarters in Niigata. We are in the middle of
the rainy season, and it helps provide water to the young trees. How will
the scenery change at ADA from now on?

================================================================================[ADA view] Broadcasting from ADA
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