[ADA view]休日はショップへ出かけよう!「ベスホリ」第3回アクアフォレスト

第3回は新宿にあるアクアフォレストを訪問します。日本を代表する繁華街にあるこちら­のショップは、ADA製品や水草の品ぞろえはもちろん、水草 レイアウトの展示も充実しています。コンテストでも高く評価されている水草レイアウト­もぜひご覧ください。


Google translate:

Let’s go out to the shops [ADA view] holiday! “Besuhori” 3rd Aqua Forest

Presented in the video dealerships assortment of sobriety and grass ADA product was enriched “Besuhori”.
Part 3 will visit the Aqua Forest in Shinjuku. The shop here in the downtown area on behalf of Japan, assortment of aquatic plants and ADA product, of course, exhibition of Aquatic Plants Layout is substantial, too. Please see also Aquatic Plants Layout, which is highly regarded in the contest.
The weekend, why not visit a nice shop?
(※ Besuhori stands for best holiday.)

■ Aqua Forest