[ADAview] ネイチャーアクアリウムパーティー2013生中継!

ADA viewでは、今年もパーティーの様子を会場から生中継いたします。
当日のスケジュールは下記のようになっています。なお、生中継につき、イベントの進行­状況によっては時間帯が変更となる場合がありますのでご注意ください。また、第二部で­はADA viewでおなじみのあの娘が会場レポート&インタビューを行う予定です。お見逃しな­く。




13:30 第一部スタート 審査員代表挨拶
13:35 審査員による上位27作品スライド解説
14:35 天野 尚のコンテスト必勝セミナー
※天野 尚による恒例のレイアウト診断。今年はどんな辛口コメントが飛び出すか、必見です!
15:40 世界水草レイアウトコンテスト2013表彰式


17:00 第二部スタート
※日本はもちろん世界中からのお客様で賑わうパーティー第二部の様子を生中継! 審査員やお客様へのインタビューもお送りします。
18:30 パーティー終了予定





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[ADAview] Nature Aquarium Party 2013 Live!

Nature Aquarium Party 2013 held the forthcoming finally .
The ADA view, we live from the floor of the state party this year .
Schedule for the day is as follows . Please note that per live , there might be a time zone is subject to change depending on the progress of the event . In addition , we plan to that familiar daughter makes a venue report and interview with ADA view in the second part . Reserve – Na miss .

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Nature Aquarium Party 2013

■ live broadcast schedule
September 28, 2013 ( Sat )

13:30 first section start jury representative greeting
The Top 27 Movies slide commentary by 13:35 jury
※ I send you and sprinkled with Skype relay from around the world .
Contest winning seminar 2:35 PM Takashi Amano
※ layout of annual diagnosis by Takashi Amano . What dry comment or jump out , this year is a must !
2013 awards ceremony 15:40 World Aquatic Plants Layout Contest

( 16:30 to 17:00 is interrupted due to equipment movement)

17:00 second part start
※ Japan live a state of the second part party bustling with customers from all over the world of course ! I will send you an interview and customers jury .
18:30 Party scheduled to end
Then , on October 2 on Wednesday , I will send you by live how will be held in ADA headquarters of ” World Summit aquatic plants ” . Professional of Aquatic Plants Layout gathered from all over the world brings together . Because to tell as soon as it is decided the dates of detailed relay , newsletter , Twitter , or Facebook , please visit here by all means .

※ There is a case to be changed without a notice by the situation on the day of the start time of the live delivery .
■ Broadcast channel URL

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ADA Website http://www.adana.co.jp/