[ADA view]休日はショップへ出かけよう!「ベスホリ」第5回ペンギンビレッジ石神井本­店



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Let’s go out to the shops [ADA view] holiday! “Besuhori” 5th Penguin Village Shakujii head office

Presented in the video dealerships assortment of sobriety and grass ADA product was enriched “Besuhori”.
5th, visited Penguin Village Shakujii head office. Aquatic Plants Layout of many on display in the store a wide stylish, and assortment of enhancement, material composition and water plants are also shops dying Nature Aquarium fan. Do you not go out to a nice shop holiday.
(※ Besuhori stands for best holiday.)
■ Penguin Village Shakujii head office