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[ADA View] International Aquatic Plants Summit 2013 (English/Chinese Subtitles)[New Release] Aqua Journal Vol.218 is Released, Today![Product] Layout Material – Unzan Stone[Know-How] Unique layout method with Unzan Stone

——————————————————————————–[ADA View] International Aquatic Plants Summit 2013 (English/Chinese Subtitles)

On October 2, the experts in the field of aquatic plants hobby, who represented
15 countries in the world, gathered for “International Aquatic Plants Summit
2013” at ADA headquarters located in Niigata, Japan.  They shared information
about the latest trends of planted aquarium hobby in his/her country, and
exchanged the ideas of further development of the industry in coming years.
Takashi Amano, as the keynote speaker, remarked that Nature Aquarium had been
drawing public attention in the recent years as global warming and climate
change became increasingly important issues.  At the end of the summit,
representatives signed a joint communique intended to enlighten and further
promote the planted aquarium hobby around the world.

The event was live-broadcasted on USTREAM, and here is a digest of the event:

——————————————————————————–[New Release] Aqua Journal Vol.218 is Released, Today!

“Nature Aquarium – Q & A”
It’s one of the best seasons of the year to start planning your new planted
aquarium and preparing for the next year’s International Aquatic Layout
Contest.  For aquascapers, the time to think about a new layout composition and
shop around local aquarium stores to find perfect driftwood and stones for the
layout is priceless…

The latest issue of Aqua Journal covers a wide variety of questions asked by
our readers and product users, from a very basic question like “What is
Nature Aquarium?” to questions about practical techniques in layout making and
maintenance activity.  You may find it very helpful to go over the article
before getting your hands in your Cube Garden.

*Aqua Journal Print Edition is available only in Japanese.

To place an order for your personal copy, please go to:

——————————————————————————–[Product] Layout Material – Unzan Stone

Unzan stone is originally black in color but it will turn a distinctive
earth-like color once it has been soaked in water for a while.  When this stone
is placed under light, the rough, uneven surface texture that is unique to
volcanic stone is emphasized by the shadows cast by the light.  Unzan stone’s
natural color and texture perfectly matches the green aquatic plants and creates
a profound natural ambience in the layout.
The unique blue body color of Inpaichthys kerri, when caught in the light, also
matches well with the combination of Unzan stone and the green of the aquatic

Watch the ADA View video featuring Unzan Stone Layout making:

——————————————————————————–[Know-How] Unique layout method with Unzan Stone

Q. Aqua Journal Vol.193 introduced the attaching of willow moss, which has
been finely chopped with a knife, to the stone.  Will the willow moss really
attach to the stone by this method?

A. The layout introduced in the Aqua Journal uses Unzan Stone.
This volcanic stone has a rough surface and holds fine pieces of willow moss
easily.  Although not all the willow moss pieces will be attached to stone by
the method introduced in our magazine, some of them will naturally stay on the
stone and start growing.  Please take note that this way of attaching willow
moss cannot be used for stones with a smooth surface.  This is a method of
attaching willow moss making use of the features of Unzan Stone.

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