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[New Release] 2014 Nature Aquarium Calendar[ADA View] “The Best Holiday” Vol.6 – Yoshida Fish Farms is up![Product] Layout Material – Horn Wood[Know-How] Use of layout materials and water condition

——————————————————————————–[New Release] 2014 Nature Aquarium Calendar

ADA’s ever-popular item, Nature Aquarium Calendar.  The year 2014 edition will
be available in your local ADA registered stores, soon!
ADA year 2014 calendar contains 13 pages of dynamic planted aquarium photos
with great details.  You can enjoy beautiful SUIKEI (aquascape) images
throughout the year.   All the aquascapes in the calendar were produced and
photographed by Takashi Amano with a large format camera.  Even the smallest
details of underwater aquascapes are clearly portrayed.

This chic, stylish calendar is printed on the mat art paper and sealed with
environmentally-friendly hot melt adhesive. It will be a great, beautiful gift
in the year-end holiday seasons!

Nature Aquarium Calendar 2014

ADA Overseas distributors and registered retail stores:

——————————————————————————–[ADA View] “The Best Holiday” Vol.6 – Yoshida Fish Farms is up!

ADA view’s special feature “The Best Holiday” introduces you to ADA’s
appointed retail stores offering a wide range of ADA products and Wabi-kusa.
In Vol.6 of the series, we visited Yoshida Fish Farms in Hachioji, Tokyo,
that showcases a spectacular array of ADA products and layout materials as
well as aquatic plants and fishes.  In this shop, you can find everything you
need for Nature Aquarium and start making layout immediately.  This attractive
shop offers ample parking space for good access by car.
Why don’t you visit great shops on your holidays?

The Best Holiday Vol.6 ? Yoshida Fish Farms (English Subtitles):

——————————————————————————–[Product] Layout Material – Horn Wood

Horn Wood comes in various shapes with surface colors ranging from brown to
reddish brown.  This wild-looking driftwood is recommended for aquarists who
can make a composition with a combination of several branches.  Use Horn Wood
for a wild layout modeled on the wood’s native environment which is also a
habitat for tropical fish.
When using Horn Wood for a layout, the composition close to your image can be
created by combining several pieces of such woods.  However, if they are
combined in a complicated or unstable manner, some woods may fall out while
planting the aquatic plants or during tank maintenance. If there is such a
risk, fix the driftwood joints tightly with Wood Tight or Riccia Line.

Here is a layout-making video featuring Horn Wood arrangement:

——————————————————————————–[Know-How] Use of layout materials and water condition

Q: Does the use of driftwood or stone in an aquarium influence the carbonate

A: Carbonate hardness declines in acidic water and rises in alkaline water.
Driftwood usually tends to make water acidic, while stone tends to make it
alkaline, so it is suitable to use driftwood if you wish to avoid high
carbonate hardness, while stones should be used when you want to raise the
carbonate hardness.  However, most species of aquatic plants will grow even if
carbonate hardness is not controlled too much as long as CO2 is injected into
the aquarium.

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