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Dear Paul,

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[From ADA Germany] Hannover Pet Fair[Website News] Learning From Nature[Photo Book SADO] To Primitive Forest From Bottom of Sea


[From ADA Germany] Announcement of Hannover Pet Fair

At this year’s Hannover Pet Fair, ADA Germany is welcoming all of you from 24th to 26th, January 2014, at their booth. In hall 17,
Booth B46, just beside the area which the qualifying north of “Art of Planted Aquarium” will take place, ADA Germany will introduce
many new ADA-products and the complete “NA Layout Materials”. ADA Germany will also present a workshop of “How to make a planted Do!
Aqua glass” within the scopes of the official presentation program. For more information about the Pet Fair, please visit ADA
Germany website


[Website News] Learning From Nature

This is to announce you that “Learn From Nature” is being on the ADA Website this week. We are sure this Website is very much useful
and helpful for anybody who are interested in the aquascaping. So please do visit this Website, and enjoy your own aquascaping and
aquarium world!



[Photo Book SADO] Revised and enlarged edition of Takashi Amano’s photo book
“SADO” To Primitive Forest From Bottom of Sea.


Takashi Amano’s photo book, SADO ‘To Primitive Forest From Bottom of Sea (English edition)’, captured minute details of rich nature
in Sado island (Niigata, Japan) through four seasons is available in enlarged and revised edition.

Learning from nature is the basic concept of Nature Aquarium, and it is essential to create beautiful and natural layouts. In this
photo book, you will find a variety of Sado’s landscape: sea bottom, coast, stream, primitive forest and high mountains, which shows
different expressions in each season. With latest collections including giant primitive Japanese Cedar introduced and drew public
attention at Tokyo G8 Summit, this ultimate edition provides useful and valuable ideas to enrich your Nature Aquarium Layouts.

To get more information about this photo book, and place an order for your personal copy, please go to ADA Online Bookstore:

SADO To Primitive Forest from Bottom of Sea – English Ver. JPY3,800


ADA’s Nature Aquarium gallery was reopened on Sunday, January 12.

Other Opening Days in January, 2014
Sunday, January 19
Sunday, January 26
Gallery hours: 10:00am to 5:00pm

If you are planning a trip to Japan and would like to stop by for a visit,
have a look at our website to see how to find your way to the Gallery and
the latest gallery schedule.

Nature Aquarium Gallery information: http://www.adana.co.jp/en/gallery/


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