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[ADA Website News] New ADA Catalogue Book] [New Layout Material] Slim Wood[F.A.Q] About Bio Rio


[ADA Website News] New ADA Catalogue Book

Long-awaited new ADA Nature Aquarium Products Catalogue Book is under the production, and it becomes available in this Spring!

This new ADA book is a deluxe edition with having all ADA products over 180 pages.

The contents shall be announced in the website, so please expect it!


The Slim Wood has been newly added to the ADA layout materials which are the MUST-HAVE item for the Nature Aquarium.

The Slim Wood is a part of root of tree having characteristic shape with many grown slim branches. Some of them have uneven bumps,
so it becomes possible to represent a new layout depending on the way to use. Various sizes are available from big to
small size which is suitable to small aquarium tank, so you can select the best size for your layout tank.

The newest layout using this Slim Wood is exhibited in our Nature Aquarium Gallery. Please do challenge to make your new layout with
this new material.

The Slim Wood is introduced in our ADA View, so you can easily get the image of the actual Slim Wood, as you can see it from various

Introduction movie for the Slim Wood (Japanese only)
http://youtu.be/IG7Y13UILOA[F.A.Q] About Bio Rio



I’m using Bio Rio in the net. May I know if this method affects its filtration performance? Are there any precautions?


Even if you use Bio Rio in the net, there should be no problem as long as there
is no gap between the net and canister wall inside the filter canister (the casing in which the filter media is placed).
If this gap is created, more water flows through this gap than through the filter media and this affects filtration efficiency.

Be careful not to allow any gap when you fill the canister with filter media in the net. Higher water permeability can be expected
if you use a net with coarse mesh of the size through which no filter media can penetrate.


[From ADA Germany] Announcement of Hannover Pet Fair


At this year’s Hannover Pet Fair, ADA Germany is welcoming all of you from 24th to 26th, January 2014, at their booth. In hall 17,
Booth B46, just beside the area which the qualifying north of “Art of Planted Aquarium” will take place, ADA Germany will introduce
many new ADA-products and the complete “NA Layout Materials”. ADA Germany will also present a workshop of “How to make a planted Do!
Aqua glass” within the scopes of the official presentation program. For more information about the Pet Fair, please visit ADA
Germany website


[ADA view] Broadcasting from ADA
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