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[Tools] 2014 model is available now![ADA Gallery] NA Gallery Schedule in February 2014[F.A.Q] Blue Green Algae


[ADA’s Layout and Maintenance Tools with new design 2014 model now available]

We have the pleasure to announce you that the newly designed 2014 models for ADA’s layout
and maintenance tools have been on sale since January 2014.

The 2014 models have come with ADA company logos printed on their silver stainless-steel base,
and for your information, the design of our Layout and Maintenance Tools is to be renewed every year.

Please visit our web site to see the 2014 model tools.



[Notice from our Nature Aquarium Gallery]

The schedule of Gallery open in February, 2014:

2 (Sun), 9 (Sun), 11 (Tue, National holiday), 23 (Sun)
Sorry, but the gallery will be CLOSED on February 16 (Sun)!

Now, the aquascapes featured in the ADA calendar 2014 and the newest Aqua Journal are exhibited
at our Nature Aquarium Gallery. Many aquascapes using Sansui stones and Unzan stones are exhibited,
in addition to the aquascapes using Slim Wood, which was very recently introduced to the market.

We may ask our visitors to be in the photos, that will be used in the gallery information page of ADA’s official website.
The use of those photos is strictly limited to introduce the Nature Aquarium Gallery to public.
Your cooperation will be highly appreciated.

Nature Aquarium Gallery:

=================================================================================[F.A.Q] [Question] Blue green algae grow on my aquarium glass at the substrate. How should I deal with this?

[Answer] Blue green algae may grow in planted aquarium due to the use of substrate additives or
deteriorated substrate permeability which has taken place over time. If your aquarium is still in the initial stage,
blue green algae can be reduced by covering the substrate portion of the tank with black paper to block the light.
Or else, it is very hard to completely get rid of the algae that have already propagated. To remove blue green algae at the
substrate, it is advised to insert a thin spatula between the glass surface and substrate to scrape the algae out carefully,
and then suction them off together with sludge with a hose. Subsequently, it is recommended to apply Phyton Git to the affected area
with a dropper to control the further growth of blue green algae. If the algae problem is very serious, the substrate, at least for
the foreground location, should be replaced with new Aqua Soil. This enables you to have the substrate free from algae and also
promotes the growth of aquatic plants.


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