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[New Release] The Book of ADA – Complete Concept & Product Catalog[Online Store] Purchase ADA publications online![Know-How] Preparation before using layout materials

=================================================================================[New Release] The Book of ADA – Complete Concept & Product Catalog

Coming out in April, 2014!

ADA’s new general product catalog “THE BOOK OF ADA” is now on the way to YOU!
For the first time in the history of ADA, the catalog will be available in four
languages (English / German / Chinese / Japanese).  It contains the full
coverage of Nature Aquarium Goods, including new models of AQUASKY and Super Jet
Filter series, and feature pages on ADA’s specialty layout materials as well as
Wabi-kusa series products.  This is the deluxe edition with over 180 pages.
Reserve your copy at your local ADA registered store!

For more information about ADA distributor and registered retailers in your
country, please visit our website: http://www.adana.co.jp/en/distributor/

=================================================================================[Online Store] Purchase ADA publications online!

“The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest Book 2013” (Japanese & English)
This booklet showcases all 2,164 entry works submitted by hobbyists around the
world.  Each top prize winning layout is introduced with comments of contest
juries and its grading result, which tells you about the view point of each
jury and overall trend of their evaluation.  Going through a variety of different
layout styles, from “classic” to “experimental”, you can experience what is
happening in the planted aquarium hobby communities on the other side of the
world.  Keep a copy in your aquarium library.  The booklet can be not only a
layout sample book, but also a great aquascaping textbook that gives you a good
deal of inspiration and motivation!

“Post Cards – Beautiful Landscapes of Niigata”
Photographer Takashi Amano’s photographic works of beautiful landscapes of Niigata,
Japan are now available in postcard.
4 different sets are available based on 4 seasons (Spring / Summer / Fall / Winter).
These beautiful cards are great for making season’s greetings to your loved ones.
Enjoy varieties of landscapes which dramatically change with the seasons.

ADA’s monthly Nature Aquarium magazine, Aqua Journal (in Japanese) and Takashi
Amano’s photography albums are also available through internet.
To check ADA publications or place an order for your personal copy, please visit
ADA Online Book Store: http://www.adana.co.jp/catalog/

=================================================================================[Know-How] Preparation before using layout materials

Q) Are there any points I should pay attention to when I use purchased
driftwood or stone for the first time?

A) Some driftwood may float depending on wood type and dryness.  If the
driftwood is likely to float, soak it in water in a large pail for some time or
place an appropriate size of stone as a weight on the driftwood arranged in an
aquarium.  In both of these cases, the driftwood absorbs water and sinks in about
a week’s time.  When using a stone for the first time, brush off the dirt or
stone powder on the stone surface well before the stone is used for layout.

For more information and the lineup of ADA’s driftwood & stones,
please go to: http://www.adana.co.jp/en/products/material/index.php

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