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[IAPLC2014] Online Entry has reopened on March 10, 2014.[Product] The basics of supplying nutrients to your planted aquarium (Part 3)

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=================================================================================[IAPLC2014] Online Entry has reopened on March 10, 2014.

Our online application system for the International Aquatic Plants Layout
Contest (IAPLC) 2014 now accepts online entries.  The application process is
very simple, as easy as 1, 2, 3.  Go to IAPLC official website and start the
process with registering your e-mail address.  We will send you a confirmation
e-mail message and direct you to the application form.
Online Entry closing date is Saturday, May 31, 2014 (24:00 JST).  We look
forwarder to YOUR entry, this year!

**If you have made your online entry during the period between March 1 and
March 3, noon, your entry may not be received or processed properly by the
system.  Please make your entry once again.
We deeply appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

IAPLC Official Website:
Contest Online Entry:
Monday, March 10, 2014 – Saturday, May 31, 2014 (24:00 JST)

For inquiry: support@iaplc.com

=================================================================================[Product] The basics of supplying nutrients to your planted aquarium (Part 3)

Part 3. Liquid Fertilizer Designed for Special Environment
The Green Brighty STEP series is a liquid fertilizer containing trace elements
as a major ingredient (STEP 3 contains additional potassium) with no nitrogen
and phosphorus. Since these two elements are always supplied from fish feces
and unconsumed fish foods, the aquariums with fish usually do not face a lack
of nitrogen and phosphorus, but rather are at risk of an excess of these
elements, which can result in algae infestation.

Then, what about the aquarium with no fish or extremely few fish compared to
the number of aquatic plants?  In this special kind of environment, even
nitrogen and phosphorus may fall short.  If Power Sand and Aqua Soil are laid
on the substrate, an adequate amount of nutrients is supplied from the substrate
from the initial stage, but the nutrients from the substrate cannot be expected
where the substrate is made up of only sand.  When Riccia and stemmed plants
grow slowly or show poor leaf color in this type of special environment even
with application of Brighty K and Green Brighty STEP series, lack of nitrogen
and phosphorus can be suspected.  For the layout using many sun plants that
absorb nutrients vigorously such as Riccia and stemmed plants, Green Brighty
Special LIGHTS containing more nitrogen and phosphorus ingredients is an ideal

Besides this, there is another type of fertilizer called Green Brighty Special
SHADE designed for Anubias and ferns which absorbs nutrients slowly. Green
Brighty Special SHADE also contains nitrogen and phosphorus but to a lesser
degree than LIGHTS. Instead, the amount of potassium is increased to promote
the growth of aquatic plant roots.  For Anubias and ferns which are epiphytic
aquatic plants, the role of the roots is very important in terms of absorption
of nutrients and anchorage of the body.  For this type of plant, the supply of
potassium is highly effective.

In any of these cases, the key point is to add the nutrients gradually while
observing the condition of the aquarium because any excess of nitrogen and
phosphorus may cause algae infestation. In particular, filamentous algae are
very responsive to the amount of these elements. If heavy infestation of this
species of algae is observed, it is advisable to change the tank water
immediately and switch the fertilizer to Brighty K and Green Brighty STEP

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