[ADAview] THE MOVIE OF AQUA DESIGN AMANO [ side:layout ] -English sub.


In April 2014, ADA Special Movie was released coinciding with the distribution of the latest ADA Comprehensive Catalog.
Part 2 shows the detailed production process of five different layouts that have been featured in the catalog. Enjoy watching the latest Nature Aquarium production techniques including the effective use of layout materials such as Sansui Seki & Branch Wood and setting up of substrate and planting for different types of layout.

ADA Special Movie Part 1 introducing Nature Aquarium and ADA in detail is available from the link below.

[ADAview] THE MOVIE OF AQUA DESIGN AMANO [ side:concept ]-English sub.


[THE BOOK OF AQUA DESIGN AMANO special site] http://www.adana.co.jp/en/catalog2014/

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