[ADA view]休日はショップへ出かけよう!「ベスホリ」第9回パウパウアクアガーデン 銀座店

ADA viewの「ベスホリ」では、毎回ADA製品や佗び草の品ぞろえが充実した販売特約店­をご紹介します。
久しぶりの訪問となる今回は、パウパウアクアガーデン 銀座店におじゃましました。東京の中心、銀座に位置しているため、アクセスのしやすさ­は抜群。もちろん、ADA製品の品ぞろえも充実しています。東京や関東の方はもちろん­、地方の方も東京を訪れた際に立ち寄ってみてはいかがでしょうか。

■パウパウアクアガーデン 銀座店

Google translate:

Let’s go out to the shops [ADA view] holiday! “Besuhori” 9th Paupau Aqua Garden Ginza

Of ADA view in “Besuhori”, we will introduce a dealership that assortment of sobriety and grass ADA product was enriched every time.
This was the visit after a long time, we have to Ojama Paupau Aqua Garden Ginza store. Since the center of Tokyo, are located in the Ginza, the ease of access is outstanding. Of course, assortment of ADA product has been enhanced, too. Not to mention the Kanto and Tokyo, and Why not try to visit during a visit to Tokyo towards the region.
Do not go out to a nice shop holiday.
(※ Besuhori stands for best holiday.)
■ Paupau Aqua Garden Ginza

[ADA view] ちいさな水辺セット2014



販売特約店 http://www.adana.co.jp/jp/shop/

ADA Website http://www.adana.co.jp/

Google translate:

[ADA view] small waterside set 2014

Put simply by the window, “small waterside set” to be able to enjoy the atmosphere of the water easily.
And it appears with model change significantly this year.
Become a main in sobriety grass echinochrome MIX, sobriety grass-only hangers Short is attached.
Of course, I can enjoy the breeding of Yamato Paratya compressa compressa and killifish.

Will be released in late May.

Looking from the dealership nationwide
Dealership http://www.adana.co.jp/jp/shop/
ADA Website http://www.adana.co.jp/