[ADAview] AJ226連動-180cm水槽レイアウト スリムウッド編





※この水景のより詳細な情報や解説は月刊アクアジャーナル vol.226のP32-37ページに掲載されております。その他、ADA製品やネイ­チャーアクアリウム、水景レイアウト情報が満載のアクアジャーナルは全国のADA販売­特約店でお買い求めいただけます。

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[ADAview] AJ226 linked-180cm aquarium layout Slim Wood Edition

I tell you about the state of the new layout work that was carried out in the Nature Aquarium Gallery of Aqua Design Amano headquarters.
It becomes the composition with the force of a combination of landscape stone and Slim Wood, layout that you want to introduce this time, has become a point how to use landscape stone that separates the bottom floor of the two types to stabilize the driftwood. Please have a look.

Magazine linked video “teaching from nature” AJ226

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※ more detailed information and commentary of this water landscape will have been published in the P32-37 page monthly journal Aqua vol.226. Others, Nature Aquarium and ADA product, Seascapes layout information is available for purchase in the ADA dealerships across the country Aqua journal packed.

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