[ADA view]「ベスホリ2」第5回Aquarium BONO

第5回目は、Aquarium BONOさんにおじゃましました。たくさんの水槽と落ち着きのある店内には、スタッフ­お手製のPOP。各製品の説明や使用方法などが細かく載っていて、のんびり店内を見た­い方にもおすすめのお店です。

■Aquarium BONO

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[ADA view] “Besuhori 2” 5th Aquarium BONO

I introduce the dealership that assortment of Tuo beauty grass and ADA product is rich in Besuhori 2.
The 5th, I was Ojama to Aquarium BONO’s. The store, which is calm and a lot of water tanks, POP staff homemade. It is a shop also recommended for those who like and how to use the description of each product may be found finely, you want to see the shop leisurely.
Let’s go out to a nice holiday shop!
(※ Besuhori stands for best holiday.)

■ Aquarium BONO