[ADA view]「ベスホリ2」第6回Aqua Revue

第6回目は、Aqua Revueさんにおじゃましました。小型水槽から大型水槽までバリエーション豊かなレ­イアウト水槽はとても参考になります。さらにADA製品も大量に在庫してあり、これか­らネイチャーアクアリウムを始めたいという方にもおすすめのお店です。

■Aqua Revue

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[ADA view] “Besuhori 2” 6th Aqua Revue

I introduce the dealership that assortment of Tuo beauty grass and ADA product is rich in Besuhori 2.
The 6th, I was Ojama to Aqua Revue’s. Layout aquarium rich variations will be very helpful to large water tank from a small aquarium. It is a shop of also recommended ADA products Yes in stock in large quantities further, is looking to start a Nature Aquarium now.
Let’s go out to a nice holiday shop!
(※ Besuhori stands for best holiday.)

■ Aqua Revue