[ADAview] 天野尚 写真展「視力6.0で見たニッポン」

去る5月9日から24日まで、東京スカイツリーの足下、東京ソラマチで天野 尚写真展『視力6.0で見たニッポン』が


Google translate:

[ADAview] Takashi Amano photo exhibition “Japan as seen in the vision 6.0”

Leave May 9 to 24, the foot of the Tokyo Sky Tree, Takashi Amano photo exhibition in Tokyo Solamachi “Japan as seen in the vision 6.0” is
It was held. So had been deployed, comparable to visual acuity 6.0, it is seen in a new sense beyond the naked eye the world.
Beautifully nostalgic Japanese landscape will spread to vivid.

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