Ook dit is weer een schitterende bak om te zien. Bekijk de hele opbouw en het eindresultaat via de link onderaan.

Wat extra informatie over deze bak:

  • 55 gallon glass aquarium 48x12x19 high
  • Marineland magnum 350 canister filter with pleated filter insert only.
  • Changed and cleaned as required ”no carbon or bio filters used”
  • Sun systems new wave 48” 2 bulb 6500k t5 light fixture with a 9 hour photo period
  • Modified for aquarium use
  • Flourite Substrate
  • Laterite Substrate additive
  • Peat plates “mostly for rocks to set on”
  • C02 applied at filter intake. “diy. For best results use ph controlled c02 dosing”
  • Custom 8 watt back ground lights, 2 each.
  • Blue aquarium background board
  • Coral life power strip and timers
  • Small power head for added water flow.
  • Aquarium heater Hydor inline unit on filter return line or UV
  • U.V. sterilizer

Plant types

Glossostigma gelatinoids
Rotala Wallichii “floater”

All the plant material used, will be cuttings from other tanks. The plants are acclimated to this style of care and are expected to grow well. Plant Nutrient dosing schedule will be per Seachem products “easy to get and use”

Bekijk de opbouw en eindresultaat hier: http://www.aquaticplantcentral.com