Hello fellow aquascapers! My name is Kim Pulkki and I live in a town called Eskilstuna and it´s located in the beautiful country of Sweden. I have two kids, 5 & 3 and a lovely girlfriend. We live in a house nearby the mossy and thick Swedish forests. I work as a medical technical engineer and I am only 35 years young.I was a bit chocked when ASW selected my planted aquarium as Aquascape of the Month. It is an honor to enter this hall of very talented aquascapers from all around the world. Thanks ASW!

My aquatic journey started when I was about 10 when I got my first tank. It was a 60L with golden frames. More tanks have follow ever since. My interest for the planted tank began in 2007 with a 180L. I had plants but I didn’t know the names. This is how the addiction started.

Voor nog veel meer info en mooie foto’s zie: http://www.aquascapingworld.com