Hier staan de artikelen die betrekking hebben op het aquarium

“NatureSoil production information by Oliver Knott”

“The best cook is mother earth” - NatureSoil by Oliver Knott Nothing is more powerful and pure like the elements from our nature. Since thousands of years the nature has developed the best “product” for their nature “customer”, like plants and animals. In our case we have a prefect soil as basis in which are growing many kind of different plants without any “artificial nutrients”. This gift from our mother earth was the foundation of the NatureSoil product.

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UKAPS workshop Vivarium 2010

Zaterdag 27 en zondag 28 maart was het weer tijd voor de Vivariumbeurs 2010. Beide dagen was UKAPS aanwezig op de beurs. Ook gaven ze elke dag 1 workshop. Hieronder een kleine foto reportage van de workshop die gehouden werd op de zaterdag.

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“A Study of Iwagumi”

If you trace Iwagumi layouts to their origin, you will find a layout that Takashi Amano created approximately 30 years ago. It was a simple layout created by arranging river rocks and planting solely with Echinodorus tenellus. According to Takashi Amano, while some people did not seem to be surprised very much by the layouts that he had created through trials and errors up to that point, when they saw this Iwagumi layout, they seemed truly amazed by its unique and unusual beauty. Iwagumi layout style did not exist back then, and no one, including Mr. Mitsuo Yamazaki, the importer of E. tenellus, had any detailed information on the plant. It was truly an original creation by Amano that no one had seen before.

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Aqua Medic Reactor 1000

Na wat rond gekeken te hebben voor een beter CO2 oplossing kwam ik uit bij de Aqua Medic Reactor 1000. Ik hoor van meerdere personen dat dit wel een van de beste manieren is voor het toevoegen van CO2.

How to Layout-Making Manual

How to Layout-Making Manual is a booklet, explaining step-by-step layout making instruction manual. Each page is saved in PDF format, and each file is about 1-3MB.

Pogostemon helferi

Pogostemon helferi is a different but beautiful foreground plant which under good growth conditions forms a dense carpet of dark green leaves. The curly leaves and different leaf form make it stand out from the crowd of other foreground plants and thereby, it creates an attractive variation and regeneration of the planted aquarium.

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Aquascaping de showbak

Eindelijk is het zover. Was al een maand op zoek naar mooie stukken hout maar die hadden ze helaas nergens. Op 29 maart heb ik tijdens de Vivarium beurs mooie stukken kunnen vinden. Tevens heb ik wat planten gekocht. Had nog planten over van de oude bak dus ook daar komen er wat van bij.

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