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“100 cm – “Yakusugi’s king and his throne of rock” – France – My IAPLC 2011 entry”

Hi everybody, I would like to present my last tank. Ranking IAPLC 2011: 206 Title: akusugi's king and his throne of rock Dimensions: 100x70x55 Meer foto's en info zie:

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“2011 AGA Aquascaping Contest”

The Aquatic Gardeners Association is proud to announce our 12th International Aquascaping Contest!! This event is an opportunity for all aquascapers, from the beginner hobbyist to the professional, to display and share their art with others around the world. New this year: In an effort to stimulate worldwide economic recovery, there will be NO ENTRY [...]

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“Green Lake”

The "Grüner See" (engl. Green Lake) is situated in upper styria, austria (see geotag). It is amazingly beautiful because of its deep green/blue colour and the surrounding alpine scenery. The lake itself dries up in autumn but fills up with melting water. The water itself of the lake is extremely pure, like glass. The colour [...]

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“Aquascape in Wild, West Java – Indonesia”

Wendy Kurniawan heeft een paar schitterende foto's geplaatst. Zo zien aquariumplanten er uit in hun natuurlijke omgeving, in dit geval Indonesië. Voor meer van dit soort foto's zie: of Voor meer van dit soort foto's zie: of

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“Hamsa Private Tank”

Hi..Arif a newbie from Borneo! this my open top tank with DIY lamp tank size 90x45x45cm lamp: spiral lamp 18watt x 8 Voor het complete verslag zie: Hier alvast een korte impressie: Voor het complete verslag zie:

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“Aquascaping Shop Tour of The Green Machine” This HD video shop tour shows you around our retail shop located in Wrexham, UK. Lots of our friends and customers are located very far away from us, but many still make the journey to come and spend time with us in our shop, hopefully this video will show some of the reasons. We [...]

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“Renewals of ADA Logo and Product package”

ADA’s Nature Aquarium Goods has been expanding its market globally and increasing popularity of the products has made us facing problems such as copy products and fake products with poor quality copying only the package design of Nature Aquarium Goods. As a countermeasure to such copy products, we introduce new ADA logo and package design. It may take some time for new designs for all products to be applied, so both NEW and OLD logos and package designs would exist until all products are renewed with NEW designs.

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“Tropica Plant Guide”

With this guide we would like to give you the best possible opportunities for getting the most from your aquariums. We know that the inspiration and desire to take up this great hobby often starts from a beautiful aquarium that you have witnessed; perhaps at a friend's home, in a magazine, website, or at an aquatic retailer. Unfortunately, we also know that many new aquarium owners will give up this hobby; sometimes after only six to twelve months. So, why is this?