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“Takashi Amano in Malaysia”

It is once in a lifetime to meet Mr. Takashi Amano in Malaysia. The 4 hour Planted Aquarium Lecture is expected to attract hobbyist not only from Malaysia but Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, or even Japan. As seats are limited, the organizer will accept application on a first come first serve basis.

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“Montagem passo a passo (Step by step)”

Setup do Aquário Data de Montagem: 2009.02.06 Dimensões: 55x35x35 (67L) Aquecimento: 50w Temperatura: 25º Filtro: Cascata com massas filtrantes 18-76L/h Substrato: Elos Terra Zero, Elos Bottom mineral e Elos Terra Iluminação: ELOS ELite (Iluminação LED) CO2: ELOS SetECO + ATO-10 com 1.5bps Fauna: Iriatherina werneri, Boraras maculatus e Otocinclus affinis Invertebrados: Camarões Red Cherry e Crystal Red Flora Anubias: Eleocharis aciculares, Lilaeopsis mauritiana, Eleocharis geniculata, Juncus repens, Spiky moss, Taiwan moss, Flame moss e Hydrocotyle verticillata. Materiais inertes (hardscape): Pedras de Xisto (rosa) e troncos Red Moorwood

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“ADA’s catalog, “THE BOOK OF ADA” to be released around the end of July!”

The latest edition has the volume of 232 pages! THE BOOK OF ADA in Japanese version has been released, and English version will be released around the end of July. Not only Nature Aquarium Goods but also Do!aqua products and Wabi-kusa are introduced. It presents the full lineups of ADA products. This informative book shows ADA products, beautiful aquascapes, layout making, technical know-how of maintaining living organism and equipments, distributors and supporters' list, and more. It is recommended for all aquatic plants hobbyists from advanced level to beginners! More release information will be updated soon.

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