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“Workshop ‘ Jardiland ‘ Fotos”

System 120 da ELOS (300L) com coluna seca e tubagem preparada para ser usado com sump. Neste caso apenas fizemos uma redução ao tubo que trás a água para a sump/filtro (esgoto) para ser utilizado num filtro externo, o Fluval 305. Este aquário estava também equipado com móvel da ELOS, suporte em inox para a Planet II com 6x39w T5.

“Takashi Amano’s new photobook “THE LAST AMAZON””

Takashi Amano's new photobook, "THE LAST AMAZON (the book is in Japanese only)" will be published on July 2nd. The tropical forest in South America which Takashi Amano has been taking its image for 10 years. This photographic collection is a complete record of the unknown status of Amazon including major deforestation, environmental pollution, animals and plants at extinction crisis and send messages to the viewer to consider about the future of the earth and human kind.

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