The Hakusan Film Aquascaping from project initialization to final Aquarium creation 4K video

this film is dedicated to Takashi Amano 天野尚. It was shot over a number of months by Sharkebite Communications and shows the initial project planning stage through to the scope and finalization of the Aquarium some months later. It was a lot of fun to make and shows how great Aquascaping is whether you are [...]

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The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest 2016. This year, we received 2,336 layout works from 68 countries and areas. We would like to thank all the participants most sincerely for supporting this contest. This video shows the announcement of world rankings from 127th to the top. Don’t miss out the result announcements that take center [...]

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Pedro Rosa’s stunning Dutch Aquascape

Voorbeeld van een echte Hollandse plantenbak gemaakt door Pedro Rosa. Planten staan er als top kwaliteit bij. Why a Dutch challenge? Pedro says: Because I love this kind of tank! Because having to comply to certain rules offers some challenges that aquascaping doesn’t offer…

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[Adaview] Let’s go to see the NA! vol.2 CAFFÈ & BAR PRONTO

A spot where you can enjoy a special Nature Aquarium, circulates Women's Two ADA editing unit. This time, we introduce the "Cafe & Bar Pronto" in the South area of the premises JR Urawa Station. Please take a look. Google translate 特別なネイチャーアクアリウムを楽しむことができるスポットを、ADA編集部の女子二­人が巡ります。 今回はJR浦和駅構内のサウスエリアにある「カフェ&バー プロント」をご紹介しています。ぜひご覧ください。

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“Florestas Submersas Backstage – A different view from above!”

These images were recorded on a special visit to Oceanário. It was special because i was with Aquaeden Team (Rui Alves, Miguel Reis and Francisco Matos) and also with some great names of Aquascaping: Juan Puchades, Albert Escrihuela, Jonan Villanueva, Yago Giménez, Adam Paszczela, Fernando B. Francischelli, Luca Galarraga, Long Tran Hoang, Ezequiel P. Salgueiro, [...]

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[ADAview] Origin of Creation

In August, 2015 Takashi Amano departed this world and was sadly missed. ‘Origin of Creation’ is the photo book that he had been working on to the end of his days. From his thoughts to his origin of creation, the book describes the essential core with his own works selected by himself as an aquascaper [...]

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