“100 cm – “Yakusugi’s king and his throne of rock” – France – My IAPLC 2011 entry”

Hi everybody, I would like to present my last tank. Ranking IAPLC 2011: 206 Title: akusugi's king and his throne of rock Dimensions: 100x70x55 Meer foto's en info zie:

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“Nature Aquarium Gallery 2011” ZERO-AQUA

ギャラリーの水槽はADAviewで配信されていますが、やっぱり生で見てみたいということで 今年も日帰り1200Kmを走ってきました。 また数回に分けてアップしたいと思います。 まずはスナップから。 Google translate: Gallery tank ADAview has been delivered, we also ran a day 1200Km this year that I want to see live Yappari. I want to up it again several times. From the first snap. Voor meer foto's zie: Voor meer foto's zie:

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“Hamsa Private Tank”

Hi..Arif a newbie from Borneo! this my open top tank with DIY lamp tank size 90x45x45cm lamp: spiral lamp 18watt x 8 Voor het complete verslag zie: Hier alvast een korte impressie: Voor het complete verslag zie:

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“Montagem passo a passo (Step by step)”

Setup do Aquário Data de Montagem: 2009.02.06 Dimensões: 55x35x35 (67L) Aquecimento: 50w Temperatura: 25º Filtro: Cascata com massas filtrantes 18-76L/h Substrato: Elos Terra Zero, Elos Bottom mineral e Elos Terra Iluminação: ELOS ELite (Iluminação LED) CO2: ELOS SetECO + ATO-10 com 1.5bps Fauna: Iriatherina werneri, Boraras maculatus e Otocinclus affinis Invertebrados: Camarões Red Cherry e Crystal Red Flora Anubias: Eleocharis aciculares, Lilaeopsis mauritiana, Eleocharis geniculata, Juncus repens, Spiky moss, Taiwan moss, Flame moss e Hydrocotyle verticillata. Materiais inertes (hardscape): Pedras de Xisto (rosa) e troncos Red Moorwood

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