“Bubbles Aquarium”

This site is dedicated to all planted aquaria enthusiasts around the world. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced hobbyist we have some great photos plus some good tips on how to keep your plants healthy and vibrant looking. This site is nowhere near complete, we still have so much more to upload. We hope you enjoy our web site and please come back soon for more updates.

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“TGM Nature Aquarium ‘Re-birth of the Jurassic Forest'”

The new design is to evoke a sense of a new dawn, new growth and new life. I also wanted to bring some color and contrast to the shop. This will come from the Ludwigia Glandulosa, Rotala Rontunifolia and Ludwigia Arcuata contrasting with the dark greens of the Microsorum and Bolbitis.

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December update showbak

Het is weer een tijd geleden dat er foto's van de showbak gepost werden. De planten doen het allemaal uitstekend en alles staat nu lekker vol. Ook staan de planten in de avond altijd mooi te assimileren en zijn mooi op kleur. Maar genoeg tekst nu, tijd voor de foto's.

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