Riverbank by “Maciek Michalski”

My name is Maciek Michalski. I live in Cracow, Poland and I am a 21 years MBA student. My aquarium passion began about 9 years ago. I remember my dad had an aquarium at home so I was used to it. One day with a couple of friends we decided to set up an aquarium in school and after that the addiction took hold of me. Soon, apart from my father’s tank, I owned a 60 cm tank in my room. I created a typical community tank, then an Apistogramma biotope and finally I read in a polish Aquarium magazine about planted aquariums.

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“Little Green Hill” by Vladimir Rastovac

My name is Vladimir Rastovac. I’m 26 years old and a graduate student of Fire Protection and Awareness School, which means I will soon be a fireman in town where I live, called Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia). I’m happily married man with my first child on the way.

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