Aqua Medic Reactor 1000

Na wat rond gekeken te hebben voor een beter CO2 oplossing kwam ik uit bij de Aqua Medic Reactor 1000. Ik hoor van meerdere personen dat dit wel een van de beste manieren is voor het toevoegen van CO2.

A TGM Planted Tank Demonstration (by George Farmer)

On Sunday 17th May The Green Machine were proud to host an event featuring a live aquascaping demo form Practical Fishkeeping Magazine’s George Farmer. For the past five years George has been writing about planted aquaria and has inspired countless customers to join the planted tank hobby.

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Creative Document: Driftwood

In the primitive age, human beings were part of Nature, and Nature was nothing special for human beings. However, as civilization develops, people are distance from nature and sometimes came into conflict with it.

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How to Layout-Making Manual

How to Layout-Making Manual is a booklet, explaining step-by-step layout making instruction manual. Each page is saved in PDF format, and each file is about 1-3MB.

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