The Road to the White Mountain

Thomas Giblin, founder and CEO of Sharkebite Communications presents the first leg on our journey on The Road to White Mountain. On the 27th of February Juris, a talented and well known Aquascaper and an avid fan of Amano, spent a day taking our fans and followers on a journey creating an Aquarium landscape from [...]

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180cm Aquarium Layout: Iwagumi Composition with Manten Stones

This video shows a layout creation process at the Nature Aquarium gallery in Aqua Design Amano. This layout is an Iwagumi composition by arranging powerful Manten Stones dynamically. The short-height plants mark the presence of stones. Happy aquascaping! * This video was shot on April 16-17, 2015.

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“Aquascaping – The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2012, part 2”

Een aantal zeer goede video's met betrekking tot aquascaping. Een mooie bron van inspiratie en bekijk daarom ook zeker even de andere video's van "The art of the planted aquarium 2012". The Art of the Planted Aquarium is a live aquascaping contest, held every year during Heimtiermesse in Hanover, Germany. In the second part of [...]

“Nature Aquarium Party 2011 on YouTube”

Now, you can watch the Nature Aquarium Party 2011, took place at Tokyo International Forum on September 17th, on YouTube! The contents were originally live broadcasted on USTREAM during the party, and edited for YouTube. Even if you had missed the live broadcast, you can watch it on YouTube. Please enjoy the videos of the [...]

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“Aquascaping Shop Tour of The Green Machine”

http://www.thegreenmachineonline.com This HD video shop tour shows you around our retail shop located in Wrexham, UK. Lots of our friends and customers are located very far away from us, but many still make the journey to come and spend time with us in our shop, hopefully this video will show some of the reasons. We [...]

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