60x30x30cm Iwagumi

Het 60cm bakje is weer voorzien van een andere scape. De oude scape was niet meer zo mooi en het hout begon erg dun te worden. Ook werden de planten te snel en te groot voor dit bakje. Dus tijd oom alles leeg te halen en de bak schoonmaken.

“The i3 [ AQUA ]”

The 2009 Concept Booklet was an important document in the history of i3 [ AQUA ]. Among other things, it was the first introduction of the Minimalist Aquarium Movement and has served as a distinguishing mark for i3 [ AQUA ]. While many of the statements have been revised, updated and streamlined with as part of the i3-10 [ INITIATIVE ], this particular booklet has been maintained in it's original form.

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“A Study of Iwagumi”

If you trace Iwagumi layouts to their origin, you will find a layout that Takashi Amano created approximately 30 years ago. It was a simple layout created by arranging river rocks and planting solely with Echinodorus tenellus. According to Takashi Amano, while some people did not seem to be surprised very much by the layouts that he had created through trials and errors up to that point, when they saw this Iwagumi layout, they seemed truly amazed by its unique and unusual beauty. Iwagumi layout style did not exist back then, and no one, including Mr. Mitsuo Yamazaki, the importer of E. tenellus, had any detailed information on the plant. It was truly an original creation by Amano that no one had seen before.

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