[video] Layout 86 (182 L) by Stuart Worrall

Large pieces of Seiryu Stone were used in the Aquascape to provide a rocky outcrop view in the tank. These were supported upon polystyrene sheets in order not to stress the glass at the base of the tank. Once these rocks were positioned several pieces of Manzanita Wood were used to run through the cracks [...]

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Diskus Aquascape “River Side”

Adrie Baumann von erstellt ein wunderschönes Layout in das später Stender Diskus einziehen sollen. Reale Zeit 8 Stunden, hier in 10 Minuten step by step. Das Video wurde von gefilmt.

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“Renewals of ADA Logo and Product package”

ADA’s Nature Aquarium Goods has been expanding its market globally and increasing popularity of the products has made us facing problems such as copy products and fake products with poor quality copying only the package design of Nature Aquarium Goods. As a countermeasure to such copy products, we introduce new ADA logo and package design. It may take some time for new designs for all products to be applied, so both NEW and OLD logos and package designs would exist until all products are renewed with NEW designs.

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Nieuwe scape (deel 1): Galaxy paradise (宇宙天堂)

Het was eens tijd voor een nieuwe scape. Aangezien de planten te groot werden en echt de bak te vol begon te raken maar meteen alles aangepakt. Om een nieuwe scape te maken alles er dus uit. Makkelijker gezegt dan gedaan. Met al dat hout was het vangen van de vissen niet te doen. dus eerst al het hout en planten eruit.

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“Takashi Amano’s new photobook “THE LAST AMAZON””

Takashi Amano's new photobook, "THE LAST AMAZON (the book is in Japanese only)" will be published on July 2nd. The tropical forest in South America which Takashi Amano has been taking its image for 10 years. This photographic collection is a complete record of the unknown status of Amazon including major deforestation, environmental pollution, animals and plants at extinction crisis and send messages to the viewer to consider about the future of the earth and human kind.

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