“Little Green Hill” by Vladimir Rastovac

My name is Vladimir Rastovac. I’m 26 years old and a graduate student of Fire Protection and Awareness School, which means I will soon be a fireman in town where I live, called Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia). I’m happily married man with my first child on the way.

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“Wakrubau” by Kim Pulkki

Hello fellow aquascapers! My name is Kim Pulkki and I live in a town called Eskilstuna and it´s located in the beautiful country of Sweden. I have two kids, 5 & 3 and a lovely girlfriend. We live in a house nearby the mossy and thick Swedish forests. I work as a medical technical engineer and I am only 35 years young.

55 Gal. “Timber Line”

# 55 gallon glass aquarium 48x12x19 high # Marineland magnum 350 canister filter with pleated filter insert only. # Changed and cleaned as required ”no carbon or bio filters used”