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LUPYLED theONE verlichting

Nieuwe LED aquarium verlichting van lupyled ziet er goed uit. Een korte trailer van Oliver Knott waarbij de werking van de verlichting is te zien + de mogelijkheden die het biedt samen met de app. Oliver Knott presents the new aquarium light LUPYLED theONE. LUPYLED is a German manufacturer and a high-tech thinktank. The shown [...]

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“NatureSoil production information by Oliver Knott”

“The best cook is mother earth” - NatureSoil by Oliver Knott Nothing is more powerful and pure like the elements from our nature. Since thousands of years the nature has developed the best “product” for their nature “customer”, like plants and animals. In our case we have a prefect soil as basis in which are growing many kind of different plants without any “artificial nutrients”. This gift from our mother earth was the foundation of the NatureSoil product.

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“Oliver Knott Aquascaping Demo at the Green Machine”

A quick step by step run through of Oliver Knotts demo on a 120cm tank at the Green Machine in Wrexham, UK on 17th September 2009. Full write up of the event can be found on the ukaps.org forum here which you may have to register for to view - http://www.ukaps.org/forum/viewtopic....

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