“Visit at DENNERLE” video of DocAquaTV

The traditional business of DENNERLE is aquatic plants. In this field the company is the largest supplier in Europe. The company is still producing plants itself with the help of a partner company at Sri Lanka. We get the permit to look around in the greenhouses close to the French border. The quantity of aquarium [...]

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Uitslag van de 2013 AGA International Aquascaping Contest

De uitslag van de 2013 AGA International Aquascaping Contest is bekend gemaakt. Er zitten weer een hoop mooie bakken tussen. Neem dus snel een kijkje naar de volgende categorien: Aquatic Garden, Smaller than 28L Aquatic Garden, 28L ~ 60L Aquatic Garden, 60L ~ 120L Aquatic Garden, 120L ~ 200L Aquatic Garden, 200L ~ 320L Aquatic Garden, 320L [...]

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Tropica Layout 78

From a massive hill top of black lava stone, redwood branches spread out over smaller pieces of lava. Various plants are mixed, in order to create interest with their different forms of growth, leaf structure and colours. Marsilea, Eleocharis, Staurogyne, Ranunculus and Ammania are mixed at the bottom, while moss, Microsorum and Anubias have to [...]

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Video “[ADAview] The Best Holiday Vol.2 Suikei Kobo Okusawa Store”

[ADAview] It's a Holiday! Let's Visit Aquarium Shops! The Best Holiday Vol.2 Suikei Kobo Okusawa Store ADA View's new special feature "The Best Holiday" takes you to ADA's appointed retail stores offering a wide range of ADA products and Wabi-kusa. In Vol.2 of the series, we visit Suikei Kobo Okusawa Store, a stylish shop located [...]

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“Aquascaping – The Art of the Planted Aquarium 2012, part 2”

Een aantal zeer goede video's met betrekking tot aquascaping. Een mooie bron van inspiratie en bekijk daarom ook zeker even de andere video's van "The art of the planted aquarium 2012". The Art of the Planted Aquarium is a live aquascaping contest, held every year during Heimtiermesse in Hanover, Germany. In the second part of [...]

“TAKASHI AMANO LAYOUT SEMINAR A 180cm aquarium tank No.2.2012.02.22”

Opnieuw een mooie video van Takashi Amano die een aquarium van 180cm aan het scapen is. Here we introduce a 180x60x60cm aquarium layout, produced on 22 February, 2012. It was mainly consisted with rock arrangement and Wabi-kusa. The layout production process is broadcasted. This Iwagumi layout was created on September, 2011. We kept the stone [...]

“TAKASHI AMANO LAYOUT SEMINAR A 90cm aquarium tank . 2012.02.21”

Er staat weer een nieuwe video online waarin Takashi Amano laat zien hoe je een 90cm aquarium kan scapen. This is a layout of a W90xD45xH45cm tank made in Feb. 21st 2012. The driftwood used in this layout was chosen "ugly shape" on purpose. The point of this layout is the technique with connecting broken [...]

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“120 Gallon ADA “like”, ditched, Dutch style with lots of color instead”

Well, I just did not like the general feel of the ADA like minimalist display prior, so I tore the entire thing down. Here, I wanted to add lots of color, contrast, display the nice Manzy wood I have, make it a lot of stem plant and pruning type of tank(yes, work), but somewhat manageable [...]

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