“120 Gallon ADA “like”, ditched, Dutch style with lots of color instead”

Well, I just did not like the general feel of the ADA like minimalist display prior, so I tore the entire thing down. Here, I wanted to add lots of color, contrast, display the nice Manzy wood I have, make it a lot of stem plant and pruning type of tank(yes, work), but somewhat manageable [...]

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“Aquascaping Shop Tour of The Green Machine”

http://www.thegreenmachineonline.com This HD video shop tour shows you around our retail shop located in Wrexham, UK. Lots of our friends and customers are located very far away from us, but many still make the journey to come and spend time with us in our shop, hopefully this video will show some of the reasons. We [...]

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“Tropica Plant Guide”

With this guide we would like to give you the best possible opportunities for getting the most from your aquariums. We know that the inspiration and desire to take up this great hobby often starts from a beautiful aquarium that you have witnessed; perhaps at a friend's home, in a magazine, website, or at an aquatic retailer. Unfortunately, we also know that many new aquarium owners will give up this hobby; sometimes after only six to twelve months. So, why is this?

“Little Green Hill” by Vladimir Rastovac

My name is Vladimir Rastovac. I’m 26 years old and a graduate student of Fire Protection and Awareness School, which means I will soon be a fireman in town where I live, called Sremska Mitrovica (Serbia). I’m happily married man with my first child on the way.

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ADA Workshop video (6 delen)

ADA Workshop held in Malaysia. Special thanks to Slippery Little Suckers who were the organisers.

Aqua Medic Reactor 1000

Na wat rond gekeken te hebben voor een beter CO2 oplossing kwam ik uit bij de Aqua Medic Reactor 1000. Ik hoor van meerdere personen dat dit wel een van de beste manieren is voor het toevoegen van CO2.

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